What happens when you become our client.

Based on the information that you submit in the order form, we will find a profitable niche that will be best suited for you. We believe that this it the best approach instead of choosing a random niche that you have no interest in.


The niche that we choose will meet each of our 6 criteria.

  • High sales as per supplier data
  • High and sustainable profitability
  • Easy to scale
  • Low technical skills needed
  • Little effort required to grow traffic and income after our work has been completed.
  • High traffic volume

We don’t stop here. We will then provide a social media marketing strategy that is being used by top marketers who are now avoiding SEO. Google’s new update system penalises sites which increase in rank too quickly making SEO costly, time consuming and frustrating. Social Media groups are now driving traffic in areas such as e-commerce and we have embraced this shift using it to convert interest groups to customers.

What is an Amazon Affiliate Site?

How do you make money with your new Amazon Affiliate Site?

OK…a browser is interested in one of the products on your site, they click on the product then get directed through to that exact product in the store..where you will get a commission when the buyer purchases ANY products in the store in the following 90 days. keep track of your Associates ID when the customer you referred browses through their site, even if they close their browser and come back later. Yes, the link to the store is saved by and commissions are paid directly into YOUR Amazon Associates account when sales take place. Commissions range from 4-15% depending on the products.

There is no limit to the number of sales you can earn money from. You are just referring customers to Amazon using your site and getting paid for it. Your site has the exact products sold by Amazon and the customer feels at ease and with the intention to buy as soon as they see the Amazon logo.

You can also build other monetization methods into your site such as Google AdSense. This gives you income every time a browser clicks on an ad appearing on your site.

So what are the Benefits of having an Amazon Store over other starter sites?

  • Fully Automated and Maintenance Free: Runs on autopilot.
  • Automatic updates: Products and content are updated automatically.
  • No Inventory Needed: All items in the store are supplied by Amazon.
  • No Need To Ship Anything: Amazon will ship everything for you.
  • No Need To Deal With Customer Support: Amazon takes care of all support and returns.
  • 150+ Amazon Products Listed: Already imported are the best selling products in Amazon.
  • 90 Day Amazon Cookie  : Earn Amazon Commission up to 90 Days as opposed to 24 Hours!

Once you purchase the site the only thing on your agenda is to promote the site and earn your commissions. We provide a social media marketing plan to cover this.

You can promote the website by submitting to Google, blogs, social media and even create Google, Bing and Facebook ads.


Choosing a Domain

Choosing the right domain when building a successful eCommerce website is a very crucial step that requires more planning then you think. So we choose your domain and build your site as soon as you give us your category preference.

The purchase of the domain is included in the price of building your site. You should allow 7 days but your site is usually built within 48hours so you can start generating traffic and sales ASAP.

Building Your Website

Creating an authority website, requires a lot more then just a fancy theme. Your website’s structure play a very important role in your website’s search engine rankings.  As well as, on page SEO, loading speed, site markup, UX, and site functionality. We take all of these things into account when building your website.

  • Design
  • Website structure
  • On page SEO
  • Image file size, title, and alt tags
  • Website loading speed
  • User experience
  • Site functionality

We will build a website that’s fast, easy to use, mobile responsive, optimize for search engines, and pleasant to look at. Your website will be built to WIN!


We host your site permanently for FREE. No Conditions, No Questions asked. Of course if you want us to transfer your site to your hosting – no problem.Your site will be hosted on high speed hosting with all sites hosted individually – cpanel with 24 core cpu, cloudlinux with litespeed and 100gbps ddos protection. This type of hosting is worth up to $300 per year and his highly recommended for Adsense Authority Sites, Amazon Authority Sites and Aliexpress Dropshipping sites. Regular hosting with your Domain registrar often causes sites to Lag.

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